One day a misfortune struck Mooka and Laka shortly before nine o’clock in
the evening while Mooka was giving Laka another lift. Mooka was diverting
into the junction to lead to Musingi’s road when a mad motorcyclist missed
reading the indicator that Mooka’s car was turning to the left. Or he
thought he was fast enough to make it through. He rammed into Mooka’s
monster car so fiercely that Mooka lost control of the car. The car span
and plunged into the bush. The motorcyclist died on the spot. The impact
was so loud that it attracted the neighbourhood. Musingi was one of the
first arrivals. Miraculously, although his wife was unconscious when she
was removed from the wreckage, she survived with small injuries. Mooka was
removed from the car unconscious and rushed to Musingi’s house for
whatever first aid he could be given before the ambulance rushed him to
the hospital. Since he appeared to be bleeding from many parts of the
body, they undressed him searching for broken parts. Musingi did
everything he could to make sure that every property was securely removed
to safety.
Within less than forty minutes the ambulance arrived and rushed the
patients to hospital. Musingi accompanied the ambulance up to the hospital
then returned urgently home to take care of everything. That night he
didn’t sleep a wink. He got a shock when he found staggering amount of
money in her handbag that included a bank statement from a fat bank
account unknown to Musingi.
Mooka’s properties from his clothes produced the material witness
confirming his affair with Leka. Musingi ran into selfie photos of the two
holding each other intimately in unknown place. There was another photo in
which he was doing something to her foot over his lap.
Musingi was so mad that he could kill. He paid his madness by what he did
when he found Mooka’s ITM card. He picked up the pin number he had got
from Laka’s notebook. By the second day while Mooka was in hospital,
Musingi had clear the staggering amount of money in Mooka’s account. It
was money Musingi would earn for more than two years. His wife was
discharged from hospital after a day. Mooka’s survived brain damage and
other injuries.

Musingi didn’t need any more evidence to prove his wife had a solid love
affair with Bwana Mooka. He did what she had once indirectly mentioned. He
threw her out of his life and set her free to live comfortably without
Bwana Mooka never raised any issue regarding his drained bank account.
Perhaps, he thought he should let sleeping dogs lie.
Musingi broke the marriage cord with Laka barely six months after kicking
Laka out of the marriage. He got married to another woman then resigned
from city employment. He had enough money for his dream of borehole and
irrigation farm. That was also the end of the love affair between Mooka
and Laka because his two wives threatened Laka with death.